Thursday, May 26, 2011

Be Prepared For Tomorrow, Ara

"Dear all, dress code for tomorrow is black shirt and black pants." - Mr. Boss

OMG! Where I can find d black shirt malam2 buta ni?!! Uptown Danau Kota, yeaahhh terima kasih. Malas nak kuar LAGI. Hee. Malas nak kuar lagi means tadi dah kuar menikmati hari terakhir as a free unemployed person. Try new casual shirt here and there dan kemudiannya watching two movies at Wangsa Walk. Ouh, Karak wasn't achieve my expectation. Tp, Kung Fu Panda mmg aweeeeessssooommeee (subtitle Melayu dlm KFP tulis awesome as SEMPOI. Coooll).

Dan yg sukanya sbb last few days terserempak dengan beautiful Emelda Rosmila with her 4 5 'bodyguards' kot. Dan tadi terserempak dgn Iqram Dinzly with her superb terang yellow car. Perak sgt aiiihhh. But, selalu lalu depan umah Siti, tapi tak penah terserempak dgn Siti pn. Huk.

Tomorrow will be my first working day. I'm quite nervous mcm selalu. I'm new here, new employee and will meet new friends, with new tasks, new customers, new segalanya. Harapannya, biarlah esok adalah hari yg tidak meletihkan minda dan tenaga.

Be cool, Ara. BERLAKON!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hire me, sir!

It's not that I have forgot about my blog..and it's not about my busy la sgt life that makes me left my blog FOR A WHILE..cuma...maleh :D

Listening to 'Bulan Ditutup Awanagain.

I'm in KL, the hypocrite but joyful city :) It's very enjoyable to be a fresh graduate. No more books except Cecelia Ahern's novel and CLEO magazine, no more pilot pen to do some exercise except for writing down the recipe from Chef Wan on the tv, no more lecturing session from lecturer except from Mama because I don't wash my baju busuk yet, no more typing error in my assignments except in my fb status, no more..

But it's not that "ENJOYABLE", believe me. The pressure of being a pengANGGUR has controlled me. I've started applying for manyyyyy position in many companies and banks from the last March. One of the company has just gave the respond to me, just after 2 months! But yeahh, that's the price you must pay. Patience!!

I'm not a strong woman. But at least I have faith on Allah that rezeki will come..sooner or later..Still have two interviews tomorrow and the next day. I like to attend an interview. The questions from interviewers might be different, but it challenges my credibility to answer. Tomorrow will be my fourth interview. The result of the previous interviews will be informed by the end of this month. Can't wait, cepatlah!