Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've Monthly Salary!!! :D

Ramaaaaaaaiii yg cakap sy KAYA sbb sy ada AraAmnan Boutique. Tapi, tak ramai yg tahu yg sy sebenarnya KAYAp. Running a business, esp an online business needs a very huge effort from you to convince the customer and attract them to buy your products. Plus, there're a lot lot lot lot blogshop and online biz that selling the same items as me and they are 1000000x much better than me. Yeaahh, it's about how you maintain the relationship with your customers. As for me, customer is my friend. Treat them nicely and they'll cooperate well with you; and d most important thing is I've got so many friends since I was running dis biz.

And now...I'm officially working at teeeeet!! Rahsia. Haha. Please happy for me. At last I got the job that suit me!! I love it love it love it! I'm still in the training period. Nothing much to do at office. Just sitting at the discussion room and looking (or starring??) at the trainer, looking at the watch and most of the time terdengar2 alunan lagu irama Malaysia dr perot. Lapar doh! Yg paling penting. YEAAAAAAYYY I'VE MONTHLY SALARY!! :D Haha jakun! :p

Dah tak sabar nak tunggu Ramadhan esok. Dah tak sabar nak rasa bahagianya pergi solat Terawih (Tawarih??). I miss my hometown. I miss Mama and Abah. I miss gaduh2 with my adik bongsu and Hyo Jung.

I miss Adib Mirza so much.

 I miss baby baru as much as I miss his mother and her Japanese husband..ehehehe.

I miss mera bahiya and his wife! Jumpa nanti semua!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


When you are SINGLE and renting a house that provides everything except kitchen, restaurant is the best solution. Restaurant means you are eating AJINOMOTO every SINGLE day! But yeaah, there's no other choice except you borrow/ask some money from parents and buy a kitchen plus a gas. That's expensive..for me..I don't say that I'm lazy to cook.nooo..I didn't say that...eheheh. Nope lah! BIG NO!!

I'm the loyal customer of Restoran Pawonku; From Jogja-KL-Bali located at Setapak. The restaurant's decoration is cool, has a combination of modern and Bali style. My friend and I always choose to sit inside the restaurant where they have provided wooden chairs and tables; watching ASTRO while eating Tomyam Daging and Telur Bungkus. But still, Fakin Restaurant is the best..BESTTTTTT!! I suggest you to eat Tomyam when you have a chance to go there. It's just beside the road; at Melati. Just a simple kedai makan but has a very nice Siam's waitress and delicious food. Sawadikaaappp :D

Oh, today is Wed rite?! Cheaper price for movie tickets. If you are depressed of work load and need some/extra injections to boost up your performance, go to the nearest cinema and get your ticket for Mr.Popper's Penguin. We've watched it at TGV Wangsa Walk. Really awesome and we couldn't stopped laughing all the times. I thought that it's so-so movie, but NO yeaahhh it has made my throat pains due to OVER-GILA-laughs. Starring by a Canadian-American comedian/actor/singer/writer Jim Carey along with beautiful Carla Gugino. A good movie for family. Oh, Transformes and Sekali Lagi selesai!

Till then..mari lelapkan mata :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Great Sunday

Why people like Sunday, but hate Monday??
Except in my lovely hometown, Kedah and several other states.

Because Sunday means you can cuddle in bed under a warm blanket and wake up A LIL BIT late (don't say very late.bahaha). Although you can't accessorize nearly as much as during the winter, yet you can still wear a Frogskin Sunglasses and a cool jacket; plus a long skirt..hey, don't start acting like you are Hana Tajima! And it's very nice getting into a car, drop by friends' houses and kidnapped them, and go straight to the shopping mall. 

My Sunday was started in a very "early" morning. Have to take a rush (but clean) bath and took a quick move with my friends to Lentang Forest Recreational Park (click the names to get more info), a beautiful and nice place for picnic.

It's accessible from the KL – Karak Highway and is about half an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. I love the waterfall! The water was very cold but refreshing sampai mengigil2! And do watch out your legs when you are nearer cascade because there are many rocks beneath. The water between the rocks were very deep, not suitable for bad swimmers like me. Ehee. The best part was during BBQ time. We have delicious fried rice cooked by new weds, beat tasty but bitter grilled squid (hehe), grilled sausage and clam were like KFC motto; finger lickin' good lah! Thank you so much for the organiser and friends :)

Night was more awesome because I had a most delicious food at De Templer Restaurant located at Melati.

The food was quite expensive, but it worth sbb sedap gilerrr! We order Night Set for two persons just for RM19.90. Seposen je pn lagi haaa dh cukup rm20.

Ada Dim Sum Set but we won't try. I don't like the smell, sorry!

We had two set of Mushroon Chicken Porridges, 3 cute rabbit Red Bun, with two small cups of Chinese Tea. There's a promo save which means that there was no 5% service charges for this time being.

Done for yesterday. 
Good afternoon, Monday! 
Surely cannot wait for the next Monday. 
I don't hate you, Mon :) 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Thought from My Little Sweet Home

It has been a month since I move here, Metropolitan City. I have lot of friends here, but works has made a boundary to me and my friends to meet up, to hang out like teenagers. Ehee I'm not a teenager anymore, it sounds weird if you looking at my physical. I'm a petite young lady with 150 cm height (ONLY!). When I'm not wearing makeup, people think that I'm a secondary school student, or even worse a primary school cute girly girl..HAHA! I went to one of the largest bank here, standing at the customer service counter to ask on how to open the bank's acc. Guess what he said to me!

Officer: Deary, you must be up to 18++ to open the account.
Me: is my i/c.
Officer: Alamak!!! 23 years old!!! Oh my, I'm sorry.

Geeeee :D It's okay. It's not a weird first time phenomenon to me. I get used of the situation. Luckily, you won't noe my actual age when I'm 80 years old nanti kan kan. Hik..can't wait. Bahaha.

Sooo,,hari ni BERSIH. Saya BERSIH...from all the sickness and wild gossip; from the impolite attitude (don't say rude). I knew that some of my friends are going to the rally. I just prefer to watching from my window, from my little sweet home. I know what they are fighting and struggling for. I don't know enough. I just know that Allah is always with me and always be with my sisters and brothers.

Daaann!! I got the job! That's what I called 'bersih'. When you have a 'bersih' attitudes, 'bersih' qualification and 'bersih' names, everything will be soo easy. Believe me. People asked me, why I was quite easy to get interviews and jobs. NO, IT WASN'T EASY! I have struggled for it from the last March. Effort; the big one, that's the important thing that you must (not need) do it. And please, pray for me to stick at this company. Thank you very much to Mama for your love, to Abah for your calls every nights to show your rindu to me, to Kakak, Abang dan adik2. Pray for Aida's health. Plantar Wart is "biting" her sole bit by bit. Get well soon, my sweet younger sister.