Sunday, July 31, 2011

I've Monthly Salary!!! :D

Ramaaaaaaaiii yg cakap sy KAYA sbb sy ada AraAmnan Boutique. Tapi, tak ramai yg tahu yg sy sebenarnya KAYAp. Running a business, esp an online business needs a very huge effort from you to convince the customer and attract them to buy your products. Plus, there're a lot lot lot lot blogshop and online biz that selling the same items as me and they are 1000000x much better than me. Yeaahh, it's about how you maintain the relationship with your customers. As for me, customer is my friend. Treat them nicely and they'll cooperate well with you; and d most important thing is I've got so many friends since I was running dis biz.

And now...I'm officially working at teeeeet!! Rahsia. Haha. Please happy for me. At last I got the job that suit me!! I love it love it love it! I'm still in the training period. Nothing much to do at office. Just sitting at the discussion room and looking (or starring??) at the trainer, looking at the watch and most of the time terdengar2 alunan lagu irama Malaysia dr perot. Lapar doh! Yg paling penting. YEAAAAAAYYY I'VE MONTHLY SALARY!! :D Haha jakun! :p

Dah tak sabar nak tunggu Ramadhan esok. Dah tak sabar nak rasa bahagianya pergi solat Terawih (Tawarih??). I miss my hometown. I miss Mama and Abah. I miss gaduh2 with my adik bongsu and Hyo Jung.

I miss Adib Mirza so much.

 I miss baby baru as much as I miss his mother and her Japanese husband..ehehehe.

I miss mera bahiya and his wife! Jumpa nanti semua!!