Monday, July 11, 2011

A Great Sunday

Why people like Sunday, but hate Monday??
Except in my lovely hometown, Kedah and several other states.

Because Sunday means you can cuddle in bed under a warm blanket and wake up A LIL BIT late (don't say very late.bahaha). Although you can't accessorize nearly as much as during the winter, yet you can still wear a Frogskin Sunglasses and a cool jacket; plus a long skirt..hey, don't start acting like you are Hana Tajima! And it's very nice getting into a car, drop by friends' houses and kidnapped them, and go straight to the shopping mall. 

My Sunday was started in a very "early" morning. Have to take a rush (but clean) bath and took a quick move with my friends to Lentang Forest Recreational Park (click the names to get more info), a beautiful and nice place for picnic.

It's accessible from the KL – Karak Highway and is about half an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur. I love the waterfall! The water was very cold but refreshing sampai mengigil2! And do watch out your legs when you are nearer cascade because there are many rocks beneath. The water between the rocks were very deep, not suitable for bad swimmers like me. Ehee. The best part was during BBQ time. We have delicious fried rice cooked by new weds, beat tasty but bitter grilled squid (hehe), grilled sausage and clam were like KFC motto; finger lickin' good lah! Thank you so much for the organiser and friends :)

Night was more awesome because I had a most delicious food at De Templer Restaurant located at Melati.

The food was quite expensive, but it worth sbb sedap gilerrr! We order Night Set for two persons just for RM19.90. Seposen je pn lagi haaa dh cukup rm20.

Ada Dim Sum Set but we won't try. I don't like the smell, sorry!

We had two set of Mushroon Chicken Porridges, 3 cute rabbit Red Bun, with two small cups of Chinese Tea. There's a promo save which means that there was no 5% service charges for this time being.

Done for yesterday. 
Good afternoon, Monday! 
Surely cannot wait for the next Monday. 
I don't hate you, Mon :)