Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Thought from My Little Sweet Home

It has been a month since I move here, Metropolitan City. I have lot of friends here, but works has made a boundary to me and my friends to meet up, to hang out like teenagers. Ehee I'm not a teenager anymore, it sounds weird if you looking at my physical. I'm a petite young lady with 150 cm height (ONLY!). When I'm not wearing makeup, people think that I'm a secondary school student, or even worse a primary school cute girly girl..HAHA! I went to one of the largest bank here, standing at the customer service counter to ask on how to open the bank's acc. Guess what he said to me!

Officer: Deary, you must be up to 18++ to open the account.
Me: is my i/c.
Officer: Alamak!!! 23 years old!!! Oh my, I'm sorry.

Geeeee :D It's okay. It's not a weird first time phenomenon to me. I get used of the situation. Luckily, you won't noe my actual age when I'm 80 years old nanti kan kan. Hik..can't wait. Bahaha.

Sooo,,hari ni BERSIH. Saya BERSIH...from all the sickness and wild gossip; from the impolite attitude (don't say rude). I knew that some of my friends are going to the rally. I just prefer to watching from my window, from my little sweet home. I know what they are fighting and struggling for. I don't know enough. I just know that Allah is always with me and always be with my sisters and brothers.

Daaann!! I got the job! That's what I called 'bersih'. When you have a 'bersih' attitudes, 'bersih' qualification and 'bersih' names, everything will be soo easy. Believe me. People asked me, why I was quite easy to get interviews and jobs. NO, IT WASN'T EASY! I have struggled for it from the last March. Effort; the big one, that's the important thing that you must (not need) do it. And please, pray for me to stick at this company. Thank you very much to Mama for your love, to Abah for your calls every nights to show your rindu to me, to Kakak, Abang dan adik2. Pray for Aida's health. Plantar Wart is "biting" her sole bit by bit. Get well soon, my sweet younger sister.