Wednesday, July 13, 2011


When you are SINGLE and renting a house that provides everything except kitchen, restaurant is the best solution. Restaurant means you are eating AJINOMOTO every SINGLE day! But yeaah, there's no other choice except you borrow/ask some money from parents and buy a kitchen plus a gas. That's expensive..for me..I don't say that I'm lazy to cook.nooo..I didn't say that...eheheh. Nope lah! BIG NO!!

I'm the loyal customer of Restoran Pawonku; From Jogja-KL-Bali located at Setapak. The restaurant's decoration is cool, has a combination of modern and Bali style. My friend and I always choose to sit inside the restaurant where they have provided wooden chairs and tables; watching ASTRO while eating Tomyam Daging and Telur Bungkus. But still, Fakin Restaurant is the best..BESTTTTTT!! I suggest you to eat Tomyam when you have a chance to go there. It's just beside the road; at Melati. Just a simple kedai makan but has a very nice Siam's waitress and delicious food. Sawadikaaappp :D

Oh, today is Wed rite?! Cheaper price for movie tickets. If you are depressed of work load and need some/extra injections to boost up your performance, go to the nearest cinema and get your ticket for Mr.Popper's Penguin. We've watched it at TGV Wangsa Walk. Really awesome and we couldn't stopped laughing all the times. I thought that it's so-so movie, but NO yeaahhh it has made my throat pains due to OVER-GILA-laughs. Starring by a Canadian-American comedian/actor/singer/writer Jim Carey along with beautiful Carla Gugino. A good movie for family. Oh, Transformes and Sekali Lagi selesai!

Till then..mari lelapkan mata :)