Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Love AraAmnan BOUTIQUE

The clock shows 1.05 pm. I'm still on my bed, covered with my red blanket.

It's SATURDAY! Rest day for me ^^,

Urghh but not much lah. Since AraAmnan BOUTIQUE starts its operation, i'm always busy. After back from classes, usually I terus mengadap dis black compaq lappy dan terus bukak fb! nGee~ When there's customer, the feeling is so amazing. Not that I'm thinking bout my profit, but the passion towards this business has exciting me. xD

Oh I dh berjanji dgn few of customers utk restock pashmina shawls. Unluckily, dat one dh xda stock lg.

Thanx Amnan for helping me seeking those items. Tp kan, tonite he'll take d new stock. Hoping that d new shawls are more beautiful, attractive and favorable :))

Tiba2 I teringat one of my item at my boutique - dis red cotton shawl.

Teringin! Haish!!! Dis one cantik sgt. Oke I admit yg  red and rose are my colours! :p

Need to stop here. Got to meet my customer :)