Friday, April 24, 2009

bEautiFuL APriL

Dis beautiful month really gives high excitement and gorgeous moment for me. Really!! My days are sparkling every single minutes especially at d moment of my surprise besday party.

Dat precious time is still in my mind.

I love it!


April starting with Mama's besday on 5th. Besday Chaq pn 5th jgk *kang ckp ara lupa plk :p* Lps tu, giler byk besday siblings, bestfren, fren, kazen...oh yeah, i'm also got my new kazen. Lupa plk kt cikenit ituh.

My surprise burpdae gift yg paling x ley dilupa adlh kepulangan Bee. Hee..okeh2..Bee mmg terpaksa blk ke cni sbb dipaksa. Ah, ara x kira!! ;P

Tq, bee..Shukeee..


I still get my besday wish from old frenz w/pn dh lmbt 17 days. Ha ha! dont mind lah. Siapa sy utk diingati cewah bt2 ayat sedey mcm la ad org nk simpati.heh!

My old fren konon2 nya nk wish burpdae for me. Siap mnx maaf lg sbb lmbt wish. But then she called me with a wrong name! Intan, how come u!!! 2 girls sharing a same name really make people confuses. Tp Syara Ain tu kn is a different name. Cuma S-y-a-r-a yg sama. Bdk inih mmg nk kena! Intan oh intan yg kepoh inih....

Another fren plk nk hadiahkn klac racing utk Yamaha LC konon2 nya for my CINTA. Ha ha! Tq lah Chot. CINTA tu mmg dh model LC135 Extreme yg dh provided with klac.

CINTA - KCC 5133

Klu Chot btl2 nk kasi hadiah, kasi la Nouvo LC for me. nGee..

Bee, beli Qaseh cepat utk ara!

My old old old besties call me! ADoyai..sudah lama sy x dgr kamoo, Dia! Ms Dia kol trus tingat pd Amalina, Lya n Ka-im.

Lya & Alin kt karok. 0opss! tgk sapa yg sdg pgg mic ituh!
sori klu ribut petir ms tu ;P

Knowing her is a great thing. She's clumsy mampus kena pelangkop nt tp bijakss skali. Jauh pulak kamu menuntut ilmu smpai Johor Cik Dia oih. Dia, trima kaseh. Trima kaseh sbb slalu kasi ara tiru homework math masa di secondary school dulu.


Starting with beautiful month doesn't promise a good ending of it. My brother is fighting with his problem now. Hope he can get thru all dis insane time in his life.

Go away bad things!!!