Sunday, April 5, 2009

iX0ra AQuacuLtuRe - caTfiSh pRoduceR

Firstly, thank you so much f0r our former pRime minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. We'll misS u, Pak Lah. And a lot of congratulation to our new prime minister, DATUK NAJIB TUN RAZAK~

Bes sgT dpt bljr BD (Business Development). Melalui subjek ni lah ara dpt bljr how a business is running, the risk dat has to be faced and everythings about business. Mmg senang deal dgn En. Hasli. He helps us a lot in gathering information.

ara, Syeera, Edie n Rahman

Tq so much jgk utk my group members - Edie & Rahman (wah, mst bangga nih :P)

To other group members (who names r not written here) - cooperation in the work team is very important. I've my own works to do too. Yet, i stiLL give my cooperation in making dis.

To my lecturer - Mr. Ramli, TQ ya!

wiTh mr. HasLi

Tq everyone~