Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love.To.Have.It & AraAmnan BOUTIQUE

13 August 2010.

Dat was one of the best nite I ever had. Tengss soooo much to Hani Liyana Rousli.

Bebeh, I curik gambar from profile blog. Maap, partner! :p

Never come into my mind dat she'll offer me to be her partner one day. Yeaah she has told me once. But I thought she was juz joking. But it's not. It's real. Still remember her words on dat amazing nite during our conversation:

"Dis is a serious business, Ara"

Senyum sampai telinga haaa..nGee~

I sgt appreciate dat offer, Hani. I'll do my best for my AraAmnan BOUTIQUE & our (read: your :p ) Love.To.Have.It.

So hey ladies! So many gorgeous items here.
Ada Muslimah tee, available in maroon, black, dark brown and grey color.

Cardigan pun ada. Oh ramaaaii sgt2 mntak grey and purple cardi di restock. But, wait ya. Hani akan tgk stock nt. Klu still available, insyaAllah maybe by end of dis month akan direstock semula.

Long skirt pun ada haa, available in black and blue color.

Casual shirt (kemeja) pun ada. Available in black and white color.

Dress mcm nie. Sama ngn my white-pink dress yg I suka turh. Hee~ Yg nie available in black, grey and orange color.

So for gorgeous ladies, do visit my fb or Love.To.Have.It blogspot (click here) 

Cantek2 habaq mai....!!! :))