Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Regret Spending Too Much

Morning everyone! Erghh dah almost 11 am pn. Wee =D

Yaay hari nie I bole la guling2 atas katil lama ckt kn. Friday maa!!! Ahha. Nope. Actually sebab semalam most of my shawls were bought by residents of Mahsuri College. Like it very much. So now cuma tinggal 4 pieces left. Berkobar2 lagi haa nk restock new shawls. And no need to push my marketing sgt >.<

My aim skrg is find d very good, nearest supplier. Money is my priority now, betoi habaq mai nie. Ahha. There are water&electrical bills to be paid, broadband bill, celcom bill, sewa umah and dont be forgotten duit kuih raya yg I bought from Atiqah Halim. Hey tapi tapi kan, I'm not regret spending too much on my vacation trip last month. It was unforgettable moment, I bet you.

I think I dh jumpa d supplier, d nearest one. He opens his physical shop at Giant Bukhari. Walaweh, juz 10 minutes from my house, or maybe less if you are not stuck at two traffic lights before dat place. I found dis man at Pasar Malam UiTM.

But tau2 lah kan, I nie high taste *wink*